Sunday, October 12, 2008

And the weekend is gone

I didn't do much this weekend. Hubby went to play boardgames almost all day on Saturday. Today we went to the UCF library...twice. We had lunch, then went to Staples, where I bought some shipping labels. After that we went to the other library then grocery shopping. We've been playing the PS3 a lot! We'll probably watch a movie or something later.

My birthday is next Saturday! We bought the ingredients to make a chocolate layer cake with cream cheese frosting, we've never made that combination before. Candice and I are probably going to check out a class mates art show on Friday, and after that do a little birthday celebration downtown.

Last year for my birthday, it seemed like I had many friends, maybe because I was still in college, now they all seem to be too busy for me. I was also in New York City for my birthday, it was great. It's funny how much things change in a year. I was all into partying last year, this year I have babies on my mind...weird...

I received my rigid envelopes last week for my Etsy store and I get my clear envelopes and business cards tomorrow, I'm so excited to see how the business cards turned out. Anyway, here's another painting I did of the red birdie. Have a good week matey!

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