Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm back!

I'm so sorry! I feel like I left without warning. I went away to spend Thanksgiving in Anaheim, CA with my parents. I had no idea I wasn't going to have internet access. I feel so left behind now! I have a lot of blog catching up to do.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, just like I imagined it would be. My step dad makes the best stuffing ever! He also makes a great Cesar salad dressing from scratch. I made the pumpkin pies, but my parents tiny oven didn't have any numbers on it, so I had to guess on the temperature, they also didn't have any measuring spoons, so I had to eye-ball the spices that went into the pie.

I had the opportunity to go see Kukula's paintings in Santa Monica, it was the last day, so I was so happy that I got to see them. They were beautiful! After that, we went to the pier and just drove around Beverly Hills and then walked around Hollywood.

I'm glad to be back home, I enjoyed my time with my mom, but there's nothing like your own space and things. I was also missing my little Lily like crazy, I was so happy to see her. She stayed with my mother in law and a few days with our friends, she was in good hands.

So that's about it, we didn't do anything exciting, it was even a bit boring I would say. We were broke, so we couldn't do much. Right before Mike left for CA, our water heater broke. So that was a chunk of money we weren't expecting to spend. At least I got to spend time with my parents.

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