Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Small updates

Since we went out for dinner on Valentine's Day, we had a quiet Saturday. We baked raspberry squares, which I should have cut into heart shapes, but didn't think about until they were already cut, oh well. They came out very good! We're already talking about making other flavors, maybe figs...

We also watched the movie Shop Girl. I really liked it! Even though it's a "Hollywood" movie, it had the feel of an indie movie, which I really liked. Jason Schwartzman is so funny in it! Speaking of television, Mike and I really like British sitcoms and lately we've been watching The Vicar of Dibley, and now, it's one of my new favorite tv shows.

I took Lily to the vet on Monday. She had a "hot spot" right above her tail. I didn't know what it was, so I didn't want it to spread. Her little "hot spot" costs us over $100. Oh well, at least she's never really had any health issues. I took her to Petsmart because her regular vet is kind of far, and I wasn't brave enough to drive over there. She sure got a lot of attention there, especially because of the never ending barking.

I don't remember if I had mentioned it before but, I'm working on some greeting cards to add to the shop, hopefully I'll get them printed by this week, I already tried twice, but the colors kept coming out too dark. I also want to start posting some of my favorite Etsy shops on this blog, so be on the look out for that. That way, if you ever want to give me a fabulous gift, you know exactly where to find it hee hee. Ok, I believe it's bedtime, good night!


rachel said...

Mmm, the raspberry squares look delicious! And I like Shop Girl, too :)

Anonymous said...
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