Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rainy days

Mike has been on vacation since last Thursday. We've been staying home, being lazy, cooking and watching mostly bad and corny movies. Mike has been having trouble with his back lately, so today he finally went to the doctor. He needs to go get blood work done (and so do I), get an x-ray of his back and also go to physical therapy. I really hope he gets better soon. We'll probably do all that this week and see what happens from there.

I was working on 3 new paintings for Sugar Village, I finished 2 of them but messed up TWICE on the third, I was so upset I left it alone for a while. Instead, I started editing some of the paintings on the computer to have more note cards made. I even designed invitations with the elephant and cupcake design on them. I'm so excited about them! Can't wait to get them printed. I also think I'm going to get cards made with my "big" painting design on them, which is the one I'm showing below.

PS. I forgot to mention that we also bought a new washer this weekend, something happened to the transmission of our old one. First the AC, then the water heater now this...it sucks.


Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

You're drawings are delightful. What a pleasure to browse your Etsy shoppe.

Enjoy your day!

Araceli said...

hello: I'm new to your blog...I love your prints!