Friday, May 08, 2009

Star Trek and Cookies

Hello! Mike and I are going to go watch the Star Trek movie later tonight. How did a girl like me get into this Star Trek mess you may ask, well let me explain. I made Mike watch the whole series of Friends and Sex and the City with me and in exchange, I would watch Star Trek with him, well let me tell you, there are enough Star Trek episodes for the next 100 years! I must find another girly series for him to watch with me.

We made peanut butter cookies last night. Although I really wanted crunchy oatmeal cookies, like the ones from Panera Bread, but we made those instead. I'm attempting to make a coconut cream pie today for my mother in law, that's the dessert she requested for tomorrow. I can blame Mike if it doesn't come out well, I'm doing it how he told me to.

I finally started working on new paintings for Sugar Village, it's going to be 3 pieces with an A, B and C. I'll show you when I'm finished with them. I want to start making paintings for any age group, because right now, they appeal mostly to people with babies. But every time I try to, it transforms into something cute, I just can't help it. Maybe one day...


Splendid Little Stars said...

PB cookies look yummy! ...wonder what they would taste like with oatmeal in them...
Personally, my favorite non-holiday cookie is raisin oatmeal.
Enjoy the movie!
Hope your job is going well!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Delicious looking cookies. I was just thinking about going to see the new 'Trek movie.

Have a great weekend.