Friday, September 25, 2009

Just checking in

My training for the second part of the US Census job is over. It was hard to understand the new material and we were in a small and crowded room, which made it even worse. I'm glad that's over with. We should be done pretty quickly with this job, not sure what happens next.

Mike was gone again Tuesday-Thursday night. We've only been seeing each other on the weekends lately. When he is here, he still needs to catch up on more work, so that sucks. We still don't know if he has to go back next week or not.

My boobs started hurting again. Last month they hurt for more than a week, so it made me believe I was pregnant because that never happens to me. Needless to say, I was pretty upset when my period came along. This month I'll try not to get my hopes up so much...

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Anonymous said...

I'm in to researching my family tree and am excited that the next census will be coming soon. I still have to wait but its coming. When they give a new one the older one comes out, it will be the 1940's this time. Good luck with everything!!