Monday, September 14, 2009

Mid September

Where did time go? Not that I'm complaining though, it means the weather should start cooling off a bit and that my birthday is about a month away :) I sold my camera, so hopefully I'll have the Rebel XSi for my birthday.

One of Mike's co workers had a barbecue this Saturday where even dogs were invited. I had a good time, I really wish we did things like this more often. Even Lily behaved... well, that's if you ignore all the barking she did, she was just wondering why there was people in the water.

It also looks like I'll be working for the Census again. They called me Saturday morning and as much as I wanted to say thanks but no thanks, I really couldn't do that, it's a job after all. I start training (again) next Monday. We'll see how it goes this time around...

Mike will be in Ohio this week which means I'll be playing lot's of video games, catching up with friends, watching girly movies, going shopping for a few work outfits and hopefully getting some paintings done for Sugar Village.

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