Sunday, October 11, 2009


Just stopping by before the weekend is over. I'm already done with the Census job for now, I actually only worked for about 3 days after our one week training. I would have liked to work for a few more weeks, but we finished our assigned area really fast.

Mike finally bought himself some fancy new work clothes, he's going to look so nice! I can't wait to see him on Tuesday. He used to work from home most of the time, but now he has to go in to the office 3 times a week. He even threw away some really old and embarrassing t-shirts that had holes in them... shocking!

I told myself I wouldn't cry, but once again, I got my period this month. I was pretty bummed this weekend by it. I know we haven't been trying for a baby for that long, but it still makes me sad every time my period shows up. I never imagined this is what it would be like and I feel like I have no one to talk to about it.

My birthday is next week, so that will hopefully distract me a little. I should be getting my camera soon, we ordered it last week. I also got an early birthday present from my friend Candice, she got me the Wreck this Journal I mentioned in another post, I already filled out some pages, it's pretty fun.

Anyway, everything else has been great and I'm grateful for that. The weather on the other hand went back to being hot, so that sucks! Oh yeah, I even assisted my friend Isabelle on another photo shoot last week, that was fun! Here's a pic of me from that day. Ok, time for bed kids!


RosaMaría said...

yo a veces me siento igual, recibe un abrazo y espero que ese sentimiento triste pronto desaparezca y que por el contrario tengas un cumpleaños divertido!

inkyblog said...

aww what day is your birthday? did i miss it? i hope not...

how long have you been trying to have a baby? i sooo understand the heartache :( i followed this plan and it worked on our second month:
i have my fingers crossed it works for you guys too xoxo