Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I'm running kind of late in my December blogging, oops! Not much to report though. I tried looking back in my blog posts to see what was going on around this time last year and I didn't even talk about Christmas! I guess I just wasn't in the mood for it. We didn't even put up a tree last year, so that explains a bit.

Mike came home from work with our tree on Monday and it's all set up and decorated :) We still have the same ornaments we bought a few years ago... I hope next year we can have a different color scheme, something more colorful. Right now it's gold and red hues, I mean it's nice and elegant looking, but we can't have the same every single year now can we?

I'm also excited about Christmas because we are hosting it at our place. I mean it's only Mike, his mom and me, but still. It'll be the first time we do it. We're thinking about making a prime rib roast, scalloped potatoes, a fancy salad and for dessert, individual chocolate molten lava cakes. I haven't had pumpkin pie since thanksgiving but I had pumpkin pie ice cream from Jeremiah's... it was SO good! I might make a pumpkin pie as well, I haven't had enough this year.

I made another set of ornaments for the shop, so go check them out, there's still time to get them before Christmas. I also have my Christmas cards sealed, stamped and ready to mail. We still have some shopping to do, but hopefully we'll get it done this weekend. Anyway, my shop needs new illustrations, so I'm off to keep cutting paper and sketch. Good luck with all your holiday preparations.

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