Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome 2010

A little late in welcoming the new year but here I am! Things that have happened since my last post:

- Bought new Christmas ornaments for next year at Target. I got them in white and jewel tones... very cheerful looking.

- Spent my last gift card and with it, purchased my very first pair of skinny jeans... Is there like an age limit to wearing them? I hope I don't look ridiculous in them.

- Mike calls skinny jeans "Harry Potter jeans"... I don't know why.

- I also bought lots of cute new undies hee hee

- Celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday. We had lunch at Seasons 52, which we have never been. Other than that, nothing special :(

- Today we used our brand new standing mixer to make chocolate butter cookies, as usual, they turned out delicious.

- Speaking of cookies, I think they'll go great with my tea. I have completely given up coffee and I now drink decaffeinated tea with cream and sugar, I really like it!

- The weather is amazing, it's been in the 50's these past days... love love love

- Made scallops for dinner for the first time today... they were so good! How can we be such amazing cooks? ;)

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