Thursday, February 25, 2010


Not much going on this week. I did however, start having camera problems. I'm getting an error that says the contacts are dirty, but they are not, then it doesn't let me take photos at certain apertures. I contacted Canon and they said to mail in the camera for service. I also contacted Tamron and they said the same thing. Now I'm just trying to figure out which one to send out first to save on shipping.

I posted two new paintings on my Etsy store today that I made using gouache. It was fun experimenting with a different medium, but I think I'll stick to watercolors for now. After coming back from supervising Mike at the pool (yes, he's still at it), I came home to some lovely sales! I was so excited! I sold 3 paintings. I'm trying to save money for when I go to Mexico in a few months. Well, that's it for now, have a good weekend.


Kaitlin said...

That's an adorable painting. When I have a little one I might just have to buy one from you. :)

Jenny said...

Congrats on the sales! =) And yeah, your stuff is super adorable!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Cute painting!