Thursday, February 04, 2010


-Laundry and ironing (mmm fresh sheets)
-Partial order from Dick Blick delivered (waiting on paper)
-Applied for job at UCF (part time, I hope I get it)
-Out for pizza with Mike (yummy white pizza with spinach and cute waiter)
-Bought ingredients for cheesecake ($18?!)
-Big Bang Theory (Bazzinga!)
-Watched crazy husband in pool (60° water)


RosaMaría said...

suerte en esa aplicación de empleo!
a mí también me encata tener sábanas limpias y frescas! (ahh pero yo no las plancho ;)) todavía no es mediodía y ya me antojaste una pizza y un cheesecake!!
que tengas un buen viernes!

Paisley said...

Found you due to a comment you left on the TTC Happy Hour. Your blog is so neat! I'll be following you :D

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I'm jealous. You got so much done.