Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weekday things...

We finally have our flights and hotel booked to go to Kentucky in June. It's for a family reunion on Mike's side of the family... obviously, because mine would be in Mexico hehe. I'm excited! A new place to visit and new people to meet.

Since I sold my kit lens, I now have money to renew my passport. I already had one, but I have to get my last name changed. It sucks that I have to pay $75, plus the photos and shipping. I have everything filled out, I just need to go mail everything.

I've been pretty lucky at winning things lately. A gift card to Cheesecake Factory in December, some adorable robot cards from Paper Pudding through a blog giveaway and this past weekend, I won 3 prints from Riot Jane through another giveaway.

I helped my friend Isabelle bake for an event again. This time I made some mini chocolate cheesecakes and some cookies. I didn't try the cheesecakes, but the cookies were delicious! A little hard to make, but totally worth it. I love getting paid to bake :)


Paisley said...

omg those cookies look delicious!

RosaMaría said...

yo también te pagaría si me hicieras algunas de esas galletas!
lo de los $75 por el pasaporte apesta!, pero qué bueno que ya lo puedes cambiar y qué padre lo de tu próximo viaje familiar! un beso!

inkyblog said...

ohh those look soooo good too!! they are like jammie dodgers from England. you're so clever and everything you do looks beautiful!