Monday, March 08, 2010


Happy about: Up coming travels, robins on my front yard and life in general :)

Mad about: Getting a bill from doctor for 2 minutes of her time, all she told me was that I needed to go to a fertility specialist grrrr

Mike's latest craziness: Running and walking barefoot. Which leads to his recent purchase of some Vibram FiveFingers.

Joined: Netflix. The library not having the complete Road to Avonlea series pretty much convinced us ;)

Wants: Start a small art journal, sort of collage/scrapbook.

Bought: Sula's paint and peel nail polish, it's non-toxic :)

Food: Been eating more grass fed meat and dairy. We also bought some Celtic sea salt (healthier and more minerals!)


Cristin said...

Nancy - those FiveFinger shoes are the oddest thing I've ever seen in footwear! But SO COOL! What if you have odd-shaped toes or something... I wonder if they'd still fit ;-)

Candy Andy said...

Oddly enough- the shoe thingys look cool buuuut I can't imagine seeing a guy running around outside with them on. Do you participate?

Rachel Elizabeth said...

We joined Netflix when we canceled our cable and never really looked back.

Marla said...

Doctors drive me crazy... I hate being billed when they don't do anything.

And I love Netflix!

Marla @