Sunday, February 10, 2008

First Blog

Wow...this is my first "non myspace blog" and I have absolutely nothing interesting to say...I usually don't anyway. So yeah, let's see how this blogging experience goes, hopefully I'll post links to websites that I think are cool, artists, videos, my photos, meaningless rants, random thoughts, recipes, etc. I'm just way to lazy right now.

I checked out 5 chick lit books from the library yesterday ( The Man of my Dreams, The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives, Pounding the Pavement, The Dog Walker and Serious Girls, which I don't think is chick lit), I can't decide which one to start first, they all have pretty good reviews on amazon, so I'll just have to start one...hmmm maybe the one with the prettiest cover? Yeah sounds good to me! So far this year I haven't read any chick lit yet, so let the reading begin, I wonder how many books I'll read this year? I think I did pretty good last year, I guess it's a good habit the hubbster rubbed off on me.

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