Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mid week...

I feel like I haven't posted in a long time, so here's a few updates:

- I went to Ikea on friday to get some frames for some photos I entered in a Juried show by George Kinghorn, who is the curator of Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art. The show will be held at the UCF art gallery.

-On Saturday we went to my friends Christie and her husband Mike's house to play some geeky boardgames, the hubbster has been dying to play with them again. He was being mean to me all day, we almost canceled. I think he has bi-polar disorder sometimes...

- Sunday was interesting. I had to go on a mandatory "field trip" for my painting class, to my professor Walter Gaudnek's house/studio. We participated in some performance art, which I thought was weird, but we had to do it for our grade. It was such a long drive, we spend almost all day over there, and since he lives right across the beach, we went down to the beach to get some some for like 15 minutes, then headed back to Orlando.

-Monday, I still haven't heard back from the open circle, student union art exhibit. I also took my photos to the juried show. I spend the morning printing and framing the photos.

-I got an A on my art history test. I'm confused if I made it into the juried show or not, because they sent out an email saying I was selected, but so did my friend Candy, and she didn't even enter anything in the show. So I'll have to wait and see in a little bit, once I get to school.

That's about it, here's some photos from Sunday.

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