Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Art openings

Today were the two art openings at UCF. One for the Open Circle student union art exhibition at 2pm and the one for the Fourth Juried Art show was at 6:30pm, I had art works in both. They had good food in the first one, and the second one was just full of people I knew, it was so nice! They hung my photo in a pretty good spot also, near the front.

Afterwards, some of my friends, the hubby and I went out for pizza, wings and beer, we had lots of fun, mostly talking about our crazy nights out and when we all went to NY. I still don't get tired of listening and re-telling the same crazy and silly stories from NY, it made me want to go back again. I can't believe my college days are almost over. After 6 years of being in college, I feel like I finally met some great friends and I have accumulated a pretty handful of interesting, typical college stories, I definitely lived it up. I do wish sometimes the hubby would like to go out with me, and we could get crazy together. I think he was having fun hearing all our crazy stories, and finding things out that I had forgotten to mention, from our nights out.

Next week is spring break. I'm going to the Keys with some other friends, not my typical group of girls. I'm nervous, I really hope I have a good time. I haven't been thinking so much about it because I have so many projects for school, a painting due every week, working on an art book, procrastinating on photo class and falling asleep in my art history class...geez, spring break will be nice, I can't wait.

Here's some pictures from tonights opening:

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