Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Almost a month has gone by...

I've been pretty busy with school. I went to the Keys with my friends for spring break, it was ok. I thought there would be a beach, and apparently, there is no beach at Key West. I felt like I was in some small beach town in Mexico, not what I expected the Keys to be at all. But our condo was gorgeous and the company was good too, so now I can at least say I've been to Key West..moving on.

I still haven't gotten my passport, and my cousins wedding is in late April, I'm hopping to get it this Friday. Me and my mom bought her wedding dress as her gift, that's taken care of.

Today was a day filled with phone calls, or at least it feels like it, and I really don't like talking on the phone too much, I feel like I can't multi task while on the phone. Anyway, my one Mexican friend Paola, called me crying, she got kicked out of the house she lives in with her dad and her dad's gf. One of my best friend's that was my roommate, also called me today, that was nice. My mom called me. Then I hung out with my friend Erica for a little bit and she updated me on her crazy life. I just feel stressed out by everyone else's problems. I wonder who else will call me tonight? I hope no one, I'm done with the phone for today.

Ok, this was a pretty lame post...oh well, I'll find a picture from the Keys to make it worth something.

All of us at Sloppy Joe's on Duval Street:

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