Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yummy dinner tonight

Well, not just tonight, usually the food we make is really good. A few days ago I got together with my friends Candice and Christie for dinner. We decided to eat breakfast food. I made my favorite french toast recipe, it's made with challah bread, and you pretty much make what looks like a pancake batter (egg, flour,melted butter, vanilla, sugar, milk). We also made scrambled eggs, bacon and corned beef hash, which reminded me of papas con chorizo, it was the first time I had ever tried it.

Tonight I picked out a really easy and yummy pasta dish. It had asparagus, olive oil, walnuts, spinach, blue cheese and penne pasta, topped with grated apple. It was so simple and delicious! Sorry I have no photos to prove this today.

PS: Males in their mid thirties should not have matching backpacks at work. And if that wasn't enough, they shouldn't take the wrong one home, leaving one stranded at work because the car keys were inside. Ha-ha! Sorry Hubby, it was just so funny and dorky at the same time.

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