Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh, I miss him already...

My hubby is out of town because of work. Today was day 1 of being all alone. It was also the first day of my summer B session classes, my very last college classes ever! I'm already overwhelmed. I'm not used to taking "book" classes, where I have to read and study, so this will be a little hard to keep up with. I'm taking History of Photography II and an Anthropology class, which looks pretty interesting. I'm still waiting for 2 books that I ordered online, I already need them, ugh!

I've been playing Crash Nitro Kart , watching tv, surfing the web, eating and napping. I did take my poor baby on her walks too, but I can tell she misses her daddy.

I'll probably eat easy, junkish food this week, until Mike returns home. Today I had a Kashi frozen pizza. I think I'll have a slice of pumpkin pie later, I baked it this weekend.

That's it for now, hopefully this week goes by fast.

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