Friday, June 27, 2008

Week recap

First off, I survived being alone all week without hubby, I'm actually waiting for him to get home soon. I'm excited to see him, I hope this butterfly feeling that I feel in my stomach when I'm going to see him , never ends, or at least not soon. The bad news is that he's only here for the weekend, then he leaves again Monday, but comes back Thursday, another week all alone with Lily.

School was pretty good, I love my anthropology professor and we have watched some pretty cool videos in my History of Photo II class. I'm almost done with my homework, I went to the studio with Candice, and while she was drawing, I read for class.

I'm really tired of this stupid weather, I have got soaked twice this week and when it's not raining, it's so hot, it feels like I'm inside a humid oven, ugh! I hate it here so much, I just wish we could move, somewhere with nicer weather and more things to do.

I decided that if I can't find a job when I graduate, I would like to take some more classes at the community college, something like flash or html, more art and/or graphic design classes.

My parents have their tickets to fly down here for my graduation in 5 weeks! Yikes, I still can't believe I will finally be a college graduate.

Have a great weekend, here's a photo, it's part of Candice's still life that she is drawing in class, I just love that teacup set! (yes, that is a skeleton hand)

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Candy Andy said...

You know I accidentally left that cup in the studio. :*O<