Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Almost there...

I have a total of 2 days left in school. It feels weird, like I'm not ready to finish. Mostly I think I feel nervous because I don't know what's going to happen next. It's like I finished this big phase of my life, a 6 year phase to be exact, and now it's over. I'm scared of what's next. In moments like this I wish I wouldn't have been so spoiled. Ugh, I'm so frustrated, scared, nervous, etc. I feel like I should have accomplished way more things by now, and I haven't. We'll see how my next life phase turn out...Getting my drivers license is my number one priority right now.

I also always thought I would go to Europe after graduation, which is one of my top dreams. I'm obviously not going yet. I talked to Candice about it, and she is interested in going with me. I always planned on going by myself or with a friend. Hubby has no interest in traveling that far, he says he can see what it looks like online, which I think is pretty ridiculous and stupid, but to each it's own.

I think for now, I'm going to focus on planning my trip to Art Basel Miami Beach in December with Candice. It's only a few hours away from here, so I should totally take advantage of that. It's going to be awesome, so much art to look at! We're pretty lucky to have an art event this big near us, since there aren't many art related things going on around here, another reason why I hate it here.

I still don't have anything to wear for graduation, I did not get my hair done either, which is another thing that is stressing me out. We did get our ac finally installed, still fighting some disgusting pantry bugs. I need to clean the house before my parents get here and do laundry and wash all sheets.

My parents are in their new apartment in Anaheim, and were welcomed today by an earthquake. My mom got a bit scared. We haven't felt an earthquake in a while, but I remember how nervous I would be after an earthquake, I would always be scared that it would happen again, during the night. Here, I just have to worry about hurricanes I guess, well and snakes and frogs too, he he he

Ok, way past my bedtime...toodles!

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Candy Andy said...

Now I've got Europe on the brain thanks to YOU!