Friday, July 11, 2008

It's been a while

This past week was a bit hectic. I had my anthropology test on Wednesday and my photo history test on Thursday, so I studied all week, on top of normal homework and housewife duties. I did good on both of the tests, woo hoo!

We had a very yummy bolognese lasagna on Wednesday, it took 3 hours to prepare and cook, but oh, it was so very worth it, delicious! It had bolognese sauce and bechamel sauce (instead of massive amounts of cheese), even the left overs were good.

I went to the recreational pool on campus with Candice today, it was so hot today! but the water was pretty cold inside the pool. We decided that we wanted to go downtown tonight, but we didn't have anything to wear, so we went over to the mall. And what do you know, Wet Seal now has Extra Large, yay for them! now I only need Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe to do the same please! Anyway, I found a cute black dress for only $10!

(Image taken from Wet Seal)

Some friends are coming over tomorrow to play some geeky boardgames, we haven't played them in a while, so it'll be fun, as long as they don't want to play more than 2 games in a day! We're preparing another lasagna for tomorrow as well, but since we had chili and bolognese lasagna this week, we're taking a break on the meat and will make a spinach one this time, we've never made that one, but I'm guessing it'll be yummy as well.

And that will probably be my weekend, because we usually just "chilax" as the hubby likes to say, on Sundays, but of course you never know, we never really plan things for Saturday and Sunday. I probably need to start on my photo history readings, or finish my owl painting? Who knows. Have a safe weekend.

PS. Candice and I didn't go downtown after all, maybe next week. (Hang in there my dear friend, things will get better, I wish I could promise you, but I'm pretty sure they will, they just have to!)

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