Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yes, we're geeks

This is what we played today, it's called Puerto Rico. It's the second time I've played it and still don't understand it that well, I'm sure next time I play it I will be better at it. I enjoy playing a game or two, but I really don't like spending ALL day playing these games. We decided there will be rules next time regarding the amount of time playing or the amount of games. There needs to be a limit to this geekyness!

I finally "bought" (handed hubby my credit card number) his birthday present, he wanted another geeky boardgame, the one he picked is a 2 player one, I better like it, that's all I can say, hehehe.

We might meet up with my mother in law tomorrow for lunch or something, so that should be fun! And by the way, I'm totally not being sarcastic about that either, I'm so lucky to have such a nice mother in law, I really do enjoy spending time with her.