Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm jealous

My parents are moving to Anaheim, CA. At one point in our lives we lived there, I remember having a good friend, her name was Gaby. I wonder what ever happened to her? I think I was in 3rd grade. Anyway, now my parents are moving there again. I'm so fucking jealous. I just wish I could live in CA, I really really REALLY hate Florida, and of course if I lived in CA I would be so close to my parents, I miss them so much. They are going to live just 2 miles away from Disneyland, which is how far we used to live, when we lived there. I remember being able to watch Disney's fireworks from our apartments, it was awesome. *sigh* I can't wait to go visit them in their new place.

In other news, we made carrot cake! It came out very good, although that's not a big surprise is it? hee hee... We used our usual cook book. The only thing I didn't like about the recipe, was that we had to use our food processor for like 3 things, and I just hate washing it! But it was worth it, I could eat the cream cheese frosting all by itself, yum. Here's the proof:

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