Sunday, August 31, 2008

My dream last night

This is what I dreamt last night, bear with me, it gets a little weird and random at points. I think all of it took place in Mexico, because most of my family was there, even Lily.

Part I: We were in a house/old supermarket kind of building, when we saw a gator inside, we tried escaping but Lily was left inside somewhere in the building. I was hysterical, I just knew she would get eaten by the gator. For some reason I couldn't go back in there and get her so we left. I was extremely upset. Other things went on that I can't remember, but at one point, one of my family members did go back to get Lily and she was still alive. I was so happy to see my little baby.

Part II: I was in Cocula and it was night time. I had a little girl, about 3 or 4 years old. We went outside and there was a procession. The people carried candles and Dia de los Muertos type decorations. My daughter and I joined in the procession. I remember I was so excited for her to see all this, I kept asking her, do you like this? and she would also be excited, to see all the candles and people and would respond; yes mommy, I love it!

Later we found my mom in the procession and she introduced me to some distant relatives. They were 3 teenage girls, but I noticed they all were missing 2 or 3 fingers on their hands. I remember thinking the cause of that might be that they practiced charreria. After that we ran into hubby, I was really mad at him because I hadn't seen him all day, but he was helping out one of my cousins or something. There was also lots of firecrackers and I was trying to protect my daughter from getting burned by one.

Part III: My family was all gathered inside the house, talking about flights and parties. I didn't have a little girl anymore, but instead a little boy. My little boy and I were looking at some wooden spoons, and talking about the day we broke some of ours while cooking. We were having an amazing time, laughing and just being silly together. End of dream.

This dream left be feeling so happy. The times when I was with my daughter or son, I felt so much love towards them, or a feeling I can't even explain. I wonder if my motherly instinct is finally trying to break in? I remember thinking, this feels amazing, I've never loved someone this much. I don't really know how to talk to young kids, so I was surprised how easy it was to talk to my own, it wasn't awkward at all. This dream left me all emotional. I tried to explain to my hubby the part about my kids, but I couldn't, it made me want to cry.

In other unrelated news, we had dinner with hubby's mom yesterday. I also did not get a new phone. The girl "helping" us at T-Mobile last night pissed me off, she wasn't being helpful at all. If I want to keep my same number, since we are doing a "change of responsibility", there's all these things we have to do for that, ugh so annoying! I need to talk to my step dad and see what they told him. Hopefully I'll get a new phone tomorrow then, since today hubby has a boardgame date with a new friend he made. Time to entertain myself or be productive, toodles!

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