Friday, August 29, 2008

I want...

some markers. Of course what I want is always expensive, the ones I would really like are about $180 for 36. I sometimes get frustrated with using watercolors for my illustrations, I think markers would be a good option for the look I want them to have.

Here's the markers I've been looking at, from cheapest to most expensive: Blick Studio Marker Sets, Prismacolor Four-In-One Marker, Chartpak Ad Marker Set, Letraset Tria Marker and the ones I really want, Copic Original Markers.

I changed the look of my blog, I got bored of pink. It makes me want to know how to design web pages or know html, or whatever it is I need to know to make it look amazing, like some of the blogs on my blogroll.

Here's another one of my little drawings, I think he's my favorite so far, I think it's the boots and the umbrella. Have a great 3 day weekend! I might be getting a new cell phone tomorrow woo hoo.

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rohit said...

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