Friday, October 24, 2008


This week went by really fast, but then again, I think all of them do. I feel like I did many things this week, for example, I went to Leu Gardens with my friend Candice. I opened Sugar Village, I finally received hubby's birthday present, I bought an online game for our PS3 which I've become quite addicted to, but I suck at it, it's called PixelJunk Monsters.

And last but not least, I stopped taking my birth control pills! Hubby and I had always said we would have a baby once I was done with school, and well, we've been talking about it and we feel like the time has come. We won't start "trying" until a couple of months though...was that tmi? Oh well! hehe I'm excited and nervous at the same time, I hope that's normal.

I'm going to an arts and crafts show at Mount Dora tomorrow, that should be fun. I have 3 commissioned paintings involving elephants for a friend in North Carolina, I'll probably work on those on Sunday, when hubby abandons me to go play geeky boardgames. Have a good weekend! I'll leave you with a little farm painting I did a few weeks ago. Toodles

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