Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mi cumpleaños

Hubby and I baked my birthday cake Thursday night, it's chocolate cake with pink cream cheese frosting, yummo!

Yesterday I went to Isabelle's first solo art show with Candice. Isabelle takes awesome pictures of dolls, they show so much emotion, sometimes they seem real. My favorite doll is one with blue eyes and white hair.

After that, Candice and I celebrated my birthday by going to The Cheesecake Factory in Winter Park, originally we had planned to go "clubbing" downtown, but honestly, I just wasn't in the mood for that, I really am over that whole scene I think.

Today we are most likely going over to my mother in laws house and spend the weekend there. She usually makes me my favorite meal.

The past few days I had been feeling in a crappy mood, probably because of PMS and migraines. But I feel truly happy with my life right now. I feel blessed and I'm thankful for everything and everyone in my life right now. I can only hope next year will be as good as this one... I have the feeling it will be.

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Jaimee said...

Happy Birthday!
That cake looks scrumptious!