Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A little homesick

This is the time of year I miss the most, wishing I could be in Mexico. Even though I'm not super religious, I really miss the way my family celebrates Christmas in Mexico. Christmas Eve was more important than actual Christmas day.

We would usually get together at one of my aunts or uncles house to celebrate on Christmas Eve. We would have a posada, the whole family would split up in 2 "teams" and actually sing the litany to pedir posada. We would also have our gift exchange, have a fancy dinner (not lunch), and wait till midnight to see what "baby jesus" or sometimes Santa, left under the tree.

A traditional drink would be ponche, a hot drink, sort of like tea, but with nuts and different fruits, and we could add some sort of liquor if we preferred it that way. We would also make buñuelos, just for this day.

But instead, i'm at home, waiting for Mike to finish working. We are driving over to my mother in law's house later, have a normal day and wait until tomorrow to open up some presents and cook a nice lunch/dinner. I miss my family so much. I would love for Mike to experience a Christmas in Mexico one year.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas with their families and loved ones. Remember that presents are just temporary material things, love, friendship and family are priceless...corny I know. Merry Christmas!


Candy Andy said...

U should come over and make ME some of those traditional Mexican Christmas goodies!

Baby Jesus brought me an Obama action figure. lol

Paper Girl Productions said...

aww..those Mexico traditions sound wonderful and hope you were able to bring some of it to your Christmas this year!

Jennifer Katherine said...

You have adorable work! Found your blog on the etsy forums! Keep it up :)