Monday, December 08, 2008


Hello! I'm back from Miami and I have to say, I had such a great time! It's only 3 hours away, Candice and I really want to go back to continue exploring such busy city, but this time with a GPS please.

We were lost many times, I feel like we missed a lot of the art fairs that where going on, but we still got to see some art and the city. We also went to a club at the Hard Rock Casino and ate at delicious restaurants.

The main event, Art Basel at the convention center, was pretty cool. I loved the way everything was decorated and set up. I was so excited to see a few works by Yoshitomo Nara, one of my favorite Japanese artists, and also an awesome painting by Mark Ryden, another favorite.

We thought they weren't allowing bags or cameras at Art Basel and left them in the car, I saw tons of people taking pictures inside, I was so mad, I didn't want to waste time going back to get it though.

On Saturday we went back to South Beach and walked up and down Collins Ave looking for more art. The weather was hotter than I thought it would be, but it still wasn't too bad I guess. We stayed at some of Candice's friends place, they were so nice and had a nice place, right in front of a marina, there was even a kitty living there.

Here's just a few photos, I actually didn't even take that many, so yeah...I miss Miami. I need to go back for more photos and art.

Candice and I (Taken by Candice)

I like old signs...

A cool looking diner...

I think this was someone's actual home,
using it to show an artists paintings on Collins Ave.

A cute little street,
with lot's of yummy looking restaurants.

Ink Miami Art Fair on Collins Ave.
Each hotel room becomes a mini art gallery

South Seas, where my former photography professor,
Brady Robinson, showed her work at the Art Now Fair. (Taken by Candice)

Inside view of one of the rooms at Ink Miami Art Fair.

Candice and I @ Passions.


Candy Andy said...

For the record...the name of the club was Passion. Now we know where your heads at!

Nancy said...

Ooops! I remember something with in a "P" hahaha thanks!

PamperingBeki said...

What beautiful pictures!!