Thursday, March 12, 2009

Etsy Favorites ♥

I wanted to find something other than art prints for today's post. This is Magda's shop Craft Pudding and she makes the most wonderful hand carved stamps! She also has other little treasures, so check out her entire store. If you want to follow her latest work, this is her Craft Pudding blog and here's her Flickr. Enjoy!

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soapdeli said...

I love craft pudding, too!

Anonymous said...

I love craft pudding's work! I started making my own stamps using erasers. They actually work!

CraftPudding said...

Thanks so much for your post and your message :) I am so glad to find someone from the same Country where I come from. I love Guadalajara too. Thanks so much and drop me a line anytime. Friendly regards,