Tuesday, June 09, 2009


There has been a couple of changes in my life lately. The first one is that I legally changed my last name. I know this might sound corny, but I honestly feel like I've lost a part of my identity and heritage. I don't see how changing a last name makes a marriage more "official"... it feels like my husband now owns me or something. I still don't get what the big deal is, but it meant a lot to Mike and it was starting to become a hassle with insurance and other paper work, so I went ahead and got it over with.

The other change we're making in our life is in our diet. Just a few weeks back, while enjoying some tapas in Miami, I was telling my friends how I would NEVER go on a diet, that I loved food so much... well, so much for that conversation. I had some blood work done a few weeks ago and something weird came up in my liver, so I had to get more blood work done. Now I'm waiting to go back and discuss the results with my doctor.

We have been eating more natural for like 2 years now, making everything from scratch and not eating any preservatives, artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. But now, we are also trying to really cut down on our carbs and sugar, and that makes me very sad! I tell Mike I'd rather live a short and happy life, where I can eat anything I want! He doesn't seem to agree with me he he. I know it's all a matter of getting used to this new lifestyle, but it's so hard! I have the cravings of 10 pregnant ladies put together! I love desserts and bread so much it makes me want to cry... ok I admit it, I did cry about it already.

I know that in the long run it's the right decision. I don't want to end up like my parents taking tons of pills to control everything. As it is, Mike and I believe that most diseases are preventable by eating the right diet, I just didn't really care he he. We are still taking our food based vitamins and cod liver oil. We also started going on daily walks. Now that we are back on track in our trying to conceive (ttc) adventure, what better time to change our eating habits to try our best to have a healthy baby right?


Chelsea Ling said...

good luck ttc!! xo

cabin + cub said...

we have ben trying to eat more natural too... yay slow food!

oh and, good luck on the baby adventure! ;)