Monday, June 15, 2009


I went to the doctor this past Friday to discuss the results of my blood work and as I had suspected, my cholesterol was very high. My liver functions were still high and don't know why, so they took more blood to see if it still came up. Now I just have to wait for those results.

Mike has been doing all kinds of research for a few months now and he learned that the biggest factor causing obesity, high cholesterol and other heart diseases were refined carbohydrates (white flour and sugar, aka everything that is delicious in the world) So now we are on a low carb diet... and it's horrible!

This past week has been miserable for me. This diet is making me depressed and cranky. I've never been on a diet so it's been really hard for me. I seriously fantasize about desserts and bread ALL day long. It seems like everything I like has tons of carbs, so it's been very frustrating for me. I did loose 5 lb (not that you can tell by looking at me of course), but the main reason why we're doing this isn't to loose weight, but to be healthy.

I asked Mike why couldn't we just cut back on our carbs instead of giving them up all together so drastically. Turns out, your body stores carbs as fat, in the process making you feel hungry. Instead, we are eating eggs, veggies, meats, cheese, certain fruits, nuts, etc until we feel satisfied. We are still cooking with butter and coconut oil (saturated fats that are actually good, but everyone thinks they are bad for you) and olive oil.

Lets hope no one gets hurt during our little diet adventure, I think carbs are what used to make me a nice person. In the mean time, I'll go back to dreaming about pies, cakes, bread, cookies...


cabin + cub said...

I did a cleanse that required having no wheat or flour or three weeks.. it was very hard, but it felt good afterwards.

you might be able t find some good sweet alternatives at an organic grocery store like whole foods, or trader joes?

Nancy said...

We don't have trader Joe's in Orlando, but we do need to go check out WF, hopefully this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Just a thought on cholesterol...
the biggest culprit in the modern "diet" is animal fat.


Worse than refined carbs. Not that refined carbs are great for you, complex is preferable- but you can't get around it. Cut out (or cut down) the amount of meat in your diet, add to it more fresh veggies and fruits, and olive oil. If you're in Orlando, like I am, there are lots of ways to clean out the cholesterol- and there are lots of yummy vegetarian restaurants to eat at. I hardly ever go to whole foods or whatever, and I'm vegetarian and have plenty of good stuff to eat.


Nancy said...

Hi Elaina, thanks for stopping by.

Here's a quick link to take a look at if you want (especially myth #6):


We've never felt better since we started following this diet.