Friday, January 08, 2010

I still like birds...

I purchased this little birdie on Etsy from Holly Craft and made him into a pin for my blue cardigan... I think it looks cute :)

I got a haircut the other day. I'm still enjoying this short style, so I'm sticking to it for a while. It's very comfortable and easy to style, it just takes me a few minutes to dry it with the diffuser and I'm ready to go.

Mike has been off work these past two days, so he's been around. I also took down all the Christmas decorations, now there's just a pile of boxes in my dining room ready to go up in the attic.

I sold a painting today and I also got an email from a past customer asking for a painting, so my Etsy shop has been good :) Oh, I made a few changes to my blog, I felt like it was too cluttered so it's back to two columns and I also made a new header.

Well, it's time to make dinner, have a great weekend! It's supposed to snow a little bit tomorrow, we shall see about that...

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RosaMaría said...

lindo adorno! yo estoy pensando en cortar mi cabello.. hace algunos años lo tenía muy muy corto y es muy práctico! me encanta tu nuevo banner!