Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Guess what? I finally mailed my lens in for repair yesterday, now let's just hope it arrives there safe and that I get it back nice and fixed.

We have really been eating better these past months, hence the lack of yummy dessert posts :( The only indulgence we have had in months, was pizza and wings this past weekend. It tasted like heaven and happiness!

My step-dad had one of his big toes removed? amputated? I don't know the right term... you get the idea. He has diabetes and somehow, it got infected. I was very worried, but at least it wasn't his whole foot you know? I really wish I lived closer to my parents, I hate not being there for them.

I'm still super anxious about my trip to Mexico, I can't wait to see my mommy and my whole family! Too bad my step dad can't go because of work (and lack of funds). Only 5 (ish) more weeks!!!

We've been spring cleaning around here. We re-arranged our living room. It used to be a living room/studio/office. Now it's just a normal living room where we watch tv, read and now only my computer desk is in here, instead of 3 whole desks in here.

We moved my painting/craft table to our spare bedroom, as well as Mike's computer desk. I also hung some new photos in the living room. I feel like now the only thing missing is a nice fake plant, because you know somehow I would manage to kill it if it was real.

So there you have it, that's what I've been up to, still nothing exciting. And because I don't want this post to look "naked", here's a picture of my parents and me, 2 years ago when we went to Guadalajara. I miss them so much.


RosaMaría said...

ohh lamento lo de tu padrastro y espero que se encuentre mejor... 5 semanas para estar por acá? no te preocupes que cuando menos lo pienses ya estarás sentada en el avión. Te pusiste a dieta? porque tus postres lucen irresistibles y parecen una constante en tu casa, debe ser difícil, yo ya comencé a cuidar un poco los alimentos, pero me cuesta un trabajo resistir lo dulce!!!
es bueno volver a leerte, besos!!

Anonymous said...

hola kay, estoy apenas sabianedo com dejarte un comentario...y se ven muy bien en la foto...saludame a Alfonso cuando vuelvas a hablar con ellos....y si ya falta menos...tu preparate..cuidate y disfruta!!! jejeje

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Sounds like most things are looking up, minus the toe thing.

inkyblog said...

that's a really sweet pic xoxo

Nishant said...

that's a really sweet pic
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