Thursday, April 22, 2010

What we eat

This past Sunday, we went on a tour of the ranch we bought our beef from. Between us and another couple of friends, we bought 1/4 of a cow. It comes from a local farm and the beef is grass fed. It was nice being able to see how the animals we eat used to live. It was a huge and beautiful farm. It was also my first time going on a hay ride :)

In case you haven't been following our eating habits, here's mostly what we try to do:

- eat only natural, non processed food (at least at home)
- cook everything from scratch
- buy grass fed beef, cheese and butter
- buy whole, grass fed, non homogenized milk.
- we try to buy most of our fruits and veggies organic
- we buy pastured eggs and chicken.
- we drink fermented cod liver oil and also eat high vitamin butter
- we try to avoid grains and sugar

Some of these things we have been doing for years now, but others are a most recent habit. Of course, this doesn't mean we don't sometimes eat out and enjoy some pizza and burgers or make yummy desserts, it just doesn't happen that often anymore.

We try to follow the advice of the Weston A. Price Foundation, because after doing our own research, that is what we believe to be the healthiest "diet". So movies like Food Inc and shows like Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, weren't much of a shock to us, but I'm glad it has opened up others people eyes to what they eat.

I noticed that we haven't gotten sick in a very long time. Also, when we started to eat less carbs, my menstrual cycles became more regular, I stopped having migraines and Mike and I lost weight :) I know a lot of people say they wish they could eat healthy but they just can't afford it, well I think it's all a matter of priorities. I could write a whole other blog post telling you the ways we save money ;)


Rachel Elizabeth said...

I am hoping in the near future I can find some friends who are looking to buy part of a grass fed cow.

RosaMaría said...

wow! eso está interesante. Nosotros en casa también tratamos de comer lo más saludable posible y estamos limitando nuestras comidas fuera de casa sólo a 1 día a la semana (y tratamos de elegir bien dónde hacerlo!) ahora estamos en el proceso de iniciar nuestra huerta y me gustaría encontrar una granja de ganado alimentado sólo de pasto, debo buscarla. Yo también creo que todo es cuestión de prioridades. Un abrazo!

Candy Andy said...


Sew Cute! said...

I'd love to hear ways you save money!!

inkyblog said...

is there a big difference in taste? the tour sounds really fascinating

Nishant said...

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Rachel Marshall said...

Do a blog post on the ways you save money!

Rachel Marshall said...

Do a blog post on ways to save money!