Monday, May 03, 2010


Thank you so much for everyone who stopped by to congratulate me. As some of you know, it took us almost a year to conceive this little baby, so we are super excited that it finally happened. As of today, I'm 14 weeks pregnant (I even added a cute little counter on the left side of the blog).

I have been pretty lucky so far. I only had bad nausea around weeks 7 and 8. I still get it every now and then, but no puking thank goodness! I'm also pretty tired, but mostly very sleepy. I have not gained any weight so far. I crave junk food and carbs (but haven't given in too much). And ground meat, raw chicken and blue cheese make me gag.

We haven't gotten any ultrasounds, and most likely will only get 1 or 2. Our first at around 20 weeks. We did get to listen to our baby's heart beat 2 weeks ago, that was awesome :) It's weird, but since I don't have that many pregnancy symptoms and I haven't actually seen my baby, it still doesn't seem real. Maybe once I start showing it will become a little bit more real.

In other non baby news, I finally received my repaired lens, so it's ready for my trip to Mexico in a few weeks. Now I want a camera bag/purse to carry it in... but I think it'll have to wait since I probably have to buy some new clothes. It already feels like summer here... not good at all! I can only imagine Mexico being even hotter.

We woke up today noticing our carpet was wet on the other side of our kitchen sink, and since Lily is such a good doggy, it was not pee. A plumber came in and fixed the tiny leak that caused so much trouble. Now we have two holes in the wall that need to be patched up. Oh the joys of being a homeowner :/

And while writing this post, Lily has thrown up like 3 times and also has diarrhea... my poor baby :( She is also walking really slow and well, she just looks sick. I'll keep an eye on her today, or else a trip to the vet tomorrow morning. I guess I'll try to finish laundry now, hopefully tomorrow I'll have no surprise leaks and no sick doggies.


Sew Cute! said...

Nancy, I totally love your counter! Where did you get it? I'm 19 weeks and the past two weeks my appetite has skyrocketed! Be prepared to be hungry!!

stripeymonkey :) said...

that counter is cute! i hope your doggy feels better soon :)

MaddyAnne said...

Just wait till you feel your baby move. That's when the real bonding begins. Sounds like you're going to be a fantastic mommy. Congrats!

Nishant said...

I totally love your counter!
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Anonymous said...
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