Thursday, May 13, 2010


I had another one of my prenatal appointments yesterday morning. I got to listen to the heartbeat again. It's still an amazing feeling hearing that little sound :) I gained 1/2 lb this time. I also scheduled our first ultrasound for June 9th, where if the little baby cooperates, we'll be able to tell the sex. I can't wait!

Later that evening, I headed over to a Barnes and Nobles, where The Pioneer Woman was having a book signing. It started at 6pm, but I got there until 6:30. I knew there would be lots of people, but I still didn't expect to stand in line for almost 4 hours! It was still worth it :) I got my cook booked signed and of course this picture of us (Yes, I desperately need a haircut).

Oh, I also saw Katie, Chris and the Bean at the book signing. They blog over at Marriage Confessions, I wanted to go say hi and maybe even take a picture with them, but since I was by myself, I felt too shy... as it is, I had no idea what to even say to the pioneer woman, oh well!


RosaMaría said...

me da gusto que todo vaya bien con el embarazo...

y de Pioneer Woman, algo he leido de ella pero me perdido en la traducción y mi mal inglés... qué hace ella? porque es mega popular, verdad?

ya casi es tiempo de estar por aca, verdad? prepárate para el calor, que ha estado fuerte!
un beso!

Eliana said...

tu pelo esta bonito asi, por que lo quieres mas corto?

me encanta pioneer woman, he hecho algunas recetas de ella y realmente son riquisimas.

me alegra saber que todo va bien con el embarazo, se cuanto querias ese bebecito :)