Friday, July 30, 2010

Home improvements

Things are finally moving along in the home improvement front. Three guys have been to our condo to give us estimates for the little repairs we need and to remodel our bathrooms. I'm still waiting to hear back from one of them though. We also decided to replace our carpet, but that will be the very last thing we do.

The future nursery is still not empty, but at least I posted everything we are trying to sell on craigslist. It's hard for me not to stress out (but I do, a little), I can't wait until they actually start working on our place. We only have about 12 weeks to have everything ready for baby, I really want the new carpet, car seat and baby mattress to air out for as long as possible.

I can't wait for all the home improvements to be done, then I can actually buy the nursery furniture and other big things we'll need. Oh by the way, there is the possibility of my step dad getting a job in Tennessee, if that happens, they would only be 12 hours away from us! I'm pretty excited about that, I really need my parents closer.

Well, that's all that's been going on here. I'm sure our weekend will be filled with many Home Depot and Lowe's trips (good thing both stores are pretty near by). Have a good weekend!

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