Friday, May 27, 2011

6 Months

Lots of things to update on, mostly on how Andrew is doing. He turned 6 months old on May 13th. We had our geneticist appointment last month and she was surprised on how well he is doing. I guess I haven't mentioned it on here but, Andrew has a chromosomal abnormality. It is rare, so we don't know exactly how it will affect him. The problems he has are most likely because of this. More specifically, he has a translocation; he is missing part of chromosome 21q and has an extra part of chromosome 10q. 

He is still a small baby and is a little developmentally delayed in his motor skills. The geneticist also noticed he had torticollis, and because of this, his head is flat on one side. She referred us to a Pediatric Neurosurgeon. The geneticist also told us about Early Steps, which is a program for kids with special needs or who are developmentally delayed. We are going to get free physical therapy through them and the best part is that they come to our house and do the therapies :)

I took Andrew to the Neurosurgeon and he does think he needs a helmet to "fix" the flatness in his head (positional plagiocephaly). Right now we're just waiting to hear back from the helmet place and see if our insurance is going to cover it. His hip surgery is scheduled for June 3rd, a week from today :( 

My mom arrived here on Tuesday, she will be staying with us to help us out while Andrew is in the spica cast. And my dad, who I haven't seen in 6 years, is coming to meet the baby! He gets here Sunday night and is staying for just a few days, I'm very happy and excited. I was thinking of going to Disney World with my parents and the baby next week, I hope it's not too much for the baby, we'll see...

In other not so medical news, my sweet baby is doing good, no more crying non stop, and until recently, he finally stopped fighting bath time, we are still dealing with his eczema though. He makes lots of cute little noises, he is very curious and looks at everything. He loves playing under his little gym. He rolls from his back to tummy and tummy to back. The only thing we still have a hard time with is tummy time, he doesn't really try to push himself up, he just lays there and then cries when he's had enough. we have tried different things and no luck. We will be working on this when his therapy starts, which should be soon.

I'm still trying to get him used to being worn on the ergo carrier, he tolerates it sometimes for short periods of time. I really want to try other carriers, like a Baby Hawk or a Pikkolo. I also started using cloth diapers part time. I bought some gDiapers for now, but I think I want another kind of cloth diapers. He can't use cloth while in the cast, but I want to start using cloth more after it comes off. Well, that's it for now. All pictures were taken on his 6 month birthday, don't you just love that crazy hair!? 

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Candice said...

Yes I do! His hair is very...mad scientist.