Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Counting down the days...

I guess I will start where I left off last time. My dad came to visit and it went by too quickly, I still can't believe he was actually here. We were able to go to Disney World. We went to Epcot for most of the day, and then to Magic Kingdom for a couple of rides and the light parade. Andrew did so good! He was looking at everything. The only thing that sucked was that I was feeling sick that day and it was really hot. My parents had a good time too :)

 On June 3rd, Andrew had his surgery. This time, our morning went by smoothly. I found out I could feed him 4 hrs before the surgery if it was breast milk. I'm still mad that no one mentioned this last time, he cried so much from going so many hours without eating! They didn't take blood from him this time either, so that was good. When it was time for them to take him, he was awake and happy at least.

The first night at the hospital was rough. Mike went home to take care of our pup and my mom spent the first night with me. It seemed like Andrew cried or complained all night... poor baby was in pain, even with the pain medication. We were supposed to check out the next day, but they didn't have the special car seat ready for us. I think it worked out, because Andrew was still very delicate. So we stayed a second night at the hospital, this time my mother in law stayed with me.

He will be in the cast for a little over 6 weeks, but I think I will try to get an appointment a little earlier. He already smells really bad! I don't know if it was the anesthesia effect but, he had really runny poop for the first weeks, meaning, he got it all over the cast right away :( And speaking of poop, he is now back to being constipated. We already had switched his formula before the surgery and was doing fine, so maybe it's because of the cast, which is common.

My mom has been great help. The first few weeks were rough, it seems like this week he has been doing a lot better. He still doesn't really sleep well though. This time, the cast is a lot looser than the first one. They put 2 pins in his hip, which will come out in a few months. On the side of the good hip, the cast only goes down to his knee.

(During his therapy)

He started his physical therapy a few weeks ago too. He is doing good and hopefully once the cast comes off, he will do even better. We are having a hard time making our insurance pay for the helmet he needs. We are doing everything possible to help him, but because of the casts and harness, we are limited to how we can position him when he is on his back, which is what the stupid insurance doesn't understand I guess. I don't think they have bothered to read about the rest of his issues.

Well enough of that! I will try to come back here more often, it's just hard to get on an actual computer now that we only have one desktop at home. Thank goodness for my smart phone. Oh! I also found a group here in Orlando of baby wearing mommies. They have different carriers I can rent or try out and they seem really nice, I can't wait to meet them.

(Hat my mom made)

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That hat is too cute! And his hair, I love his hair!