Friday, July 08, 2011

Change of plans...

Andrew's cast came off this past Tuesday. He had some sort of gauze/patch over his incision. I noticed on Sunday it was getting red and swollen all around that area. He was also starting to get a fever. I called a nurse but she recommended I call his orthopedic.

I was able to talk to him and he said to take out the gauze and come to his office Tuesday morning. We gave Andrew pain medication before attempting to take it off. After about half an hour of trying, I took it out, it looked really bad under there. The piece of gauze was disgusting, it looked like it was covered in pus. I have no idea what was going on under there.

As soon as they took us in Tuesday morning, they started taking the cast off. My poor baby cried/screamed so much when it finally came off, it was horrible, I wasn't expecting it at all :( I had his rhino brace with me, so I put it on right away so he wouldn't be in so much pain. He also had pain medicine, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

When we finally got home, he took a nice long nap. He is doing better today, but I'm still giving him pain medication. He had a bath yesterday and did good. We have to be extra careful during diaper changes to not hurt him. His scar is about 2 inches long.

I'm glad the cast is off and we are now on the road to getting our life back to "normal". We go back to his orthopedic in 2 weeks. He still doesn't move the leg he had surgery on, so we will see how he is doing then. I can not wait to see my little baby happy and pain free again.

Ps: Flowers where sent to Andrew from baby Emery :)

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Tillie said...

poor andrew!! I'm so sorry this hasn't been easy for y'all. Sending lots of love an prayers your way!