Thursday, August 04, 2011

Cloth Diaper Adventures Part I

I'm so happy I finally started using cloth diapers. The main reason why I wanted to cloth diaper was because I didn't like the idea of my baby sitting in chemicals 27/7 for maybe 2 years? Another reason was, I felt horrible throwing away the bags of disposable diapers, I could just imagine them in the landfill for so many years! Did you know that it takes about 500 years for one disposable diaper to decompose? Of course there is also the financial reason and well, cloth diapers are so cute and fun to shop for!

I started with gDiapers before Andrew's surgery. He fit in the smalls and I really liked them, they were very trim and cute. I was a bit concerned with how they would wear out though. The velcro would sometimes stick to the band and snag it, not pretty. The gdiapers have 3 pieces, which was a bit of a pain. The outer diaper, you could wash with regular clothes, as well as the plastic liner/pouch, but that one had to be air dried. And then the gcloth would have to be washed separate. Or you can also buy gRefills for a disposable option.

While he was still in the cast, I discovered Charlie Banana cloth diapers. I wanted something easier than the gdiapers. Since I wanted a trim fit, I went with the sized diapers instead of the one size. What I really like about them is that they are a hybrid cloth diaper, meaning I can use a disposable insert with them. There are only 2 parts to this diaper, the cover and the insert, aka a pocket diaper. Most of the pocket diapers out there have the opening for the insert in the back, this one has it in the front, so there's that little piece of material that holds the disposable insert if you want to use one.

I had almost a whole package of small disposable gRefills left from the gDiapers. I used them with the Charlie Banana diapers and they works great together! I love the material of the Charlie Banana as well, they are super soft in the inside. They have many cute colors to choose from too. The downside of having the pocket opening in the front, is that you are going to touch wet pee when you take out the insert, not a big deal if you want the disposable option you know?

Two  last things I really like about the Charlie Banana's, one is the wide elastic in the back, it seems comfier on the baby and it doesn't dig in as much as the Oh Katy or Bumgenius (which I will talk about in the next blog post). The second is, you can fold them up so they take up less space in your diaper bag. You can probably get away with not having to use a wet bag after they have been used, since they fold up so nicely. 

Stay tuned for the next blog post where I will compare one size diapers (Charlie Banana, Bumgenius and Oh Katy)

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