Monday, August 15, 2011

Cloth Diaper Adventures Part II

I wanted to have some one size diapers in my stash (especially for when Andrew outgrows his small Charlie Banana's). I ordered a couple of  Bumgenius and one Oh Katy. I like the Bumgenius, I think they work great. They are a bit bulkier than a sized diaper, which is expected. I do find it a little harder to stuff (when you put the insert inside the diaper cover) than the Charlie Bananas, the same with the Oh Katy's, I think it's because of the extra snaps that make them a one size diaper.

(Bumgenius, Charlie Banana One Size, detail of leg elastic and an Oh Katy)

The Bumgenius come with a regular insert (it has snaps to adjust the size) and a newborn insert (a thin insert). The Oh Katy comes with the same inserts as the Bumgenius. The sized Charlie Banana's come with 2 normal inserts. It's nice having extra inserts for when some are still drying or when I want to put them in other diaper covers.

I wanted to try the Oh Katy because it also has the insert opening in the front, just like the Charlie Banana. I want to have the option of using the disposable insert. The Oh Katy also folds up nicely (wrap n' snap, like it says on their website). I thought the snaps on the Oh Katy were weird, or it just looks weird on Andrew right now. I liked the Bumgenius better over the Oh Katy, I will still use it though because it works just fine, I'm just ocd about how it looks, lol

The last one size diaper I tried was the Charlie Banana. The only thing that kept me from ordering this one before was that, the one size diapers have an adjustable leg elastic, I didn't feel like messing with an extra step. I guess it isn't a big deal since you adjust only once, until the baby gets bigger, then you re-adjust. I have only used it a few times, but I think it also looks a little weird, I'm so picky!

In conclusion, all the pocket diapers I bought work great! I think I do want to be able to use the disposable insert, so maybe I will have a few Charlie Banana's or Oh Katy, I haven't decided which one I like better. With the Oh Katy I don't have to mess with the leg elastic, but I think Charlie Banana has better colors, we'll see... Since working on these 2 cloth diaper posts though, I feel like I have gotten more leaks with the Charlie Bananas :(

My stash will consist mostly of Bumgenius, I feel like they stay dryer. So far I have: 6 small and 1 one size Charlie Banana, 1 Oh Katy and 8 Bumgenius (they had a sale going on, so I bought 6). I love looking at all of them together, so colorful :) Feel free to ask any questions. Cloth diapering seems so overwhelming at first, but once you start, it's actually really easy.


hippiemama said...

Hey Nancy! I am completely new to the world of cloth diapers but have made up my mind to go for it with my soon coming second child. Have you learned anything more since you posted this? I have heard great things about Charlie Bananas but I don't know whether to get the sized ones or the one size. ANY ADVICE?

Nancy said...

So far I still prefer the sized CB compared to the one size, but I feel like I have less leaks with Bumgenius, so those are my favorites so far.