Sunday, December 08, 2013

Andrew turns 3!

November, another favorite month! One of my aunts from Mexico came over to visit, she stayed with my parents. Andrew finally met another family member besides my cousin, that was here a few months ago. She came right in time to celebrate Andrew's 3rd birthday, so it was very exciting!

Photos taken by Stacy Jinkins.

I did a woodland theme for Andrew's party this year. I bought some clip art from Little Apples Design on Etsy. I made the invite, a banner and some table decor. It all turned out very cute! The party was hosted at Grammy's Indoor Playground.

I did all the baking again this year and served Jimmy Johns and other snacks for lunch. The kids had a lot of fun, especially the birthday boy, he did not want to leave. 

More fun facts about my little boy: he still loves hats and headbands. He loves shoes. He really loves bath time. He's finally interested in books, mostly looking at them, not really listening to us read them. A sheep on a certain page is his favorite. 

At home, he likes to play with doors, opening and closing them... often locking us out. He likes to ride his little tractor that his grandparents gave him for his birthday. He still loves his ball popper toy. He's finally into his Playmobile farm set that he has. The pig is his favorite. He also likes those light toys that spin.

He is very sweet and doesn't like loud noises, but he's getting better about them. His favorite tv show used to be Baby Signing Time, then it got replaced with The Wiggles. Now he's only into Chuggington, ever since someone gave him a dvd for his birthday. He loves trees, leaves and flowers.

He's just generally a very happy, silly, friendly boy. And for that, I'm so grateful, especially after the rough times we have gone through. He may not sleep through the night yet (yawwwnn!) eat, walk or talk, but he is our little shaundy boo boo. Happy third birthday my baby! We all love you so much, you bring so many smiles to everyone around you.

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