Monday, May 05, 2014

Welcome 2014!

We usually start the new year by celebrating our anniversary. This year we celebrated our 9th! We had lunch at The Capitol Grille. My friend Rachel recommended it and we were not disappointed. Free champagne and dessert? Yes please! The food and service was amazing. We really need to go back soon.

I'm pretty sure we decided to go to Disney on the coldest day of the year on January 6th. My friend Paola, her mom and boyfriend were also there. By night time, the temperatures dropped so much! I had to buy Andrew an adult sweater to cover him up. It was a memorable day for sure! Brrrr

My bestie Candice came to Orlando to visit! We went to Islands of Adventure, because she suddenly became a huge Harry Potter nerd, hehehe. It was pretty chilly that day too, but we had lots of fun. Her visit was too short :( 

Andrew got his first big boy haircut at the end of the month. I like it :) I think the grandparents were a little sad, since he doesn't look like a baby anymore. Turns out the lady that cut his hair, was also the one that gave him his very first haircut, but at a different salon... kind of cool :)


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