Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Christmas Time!

We took advantage of our annual Disney passes before our block out dates started. We loved all the magical holiday sights. Andrew loves lights, so I knew he would enjoy the Osborne Family Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios, aka MGM

The castle at Magic Kingdom looked so pretty!

We went over to my parents house on Christmas Eve, had dinner and opened our presents there. The next day we had everyone over at our place for Christmas dinner. It wasn't the yummiest this year, but we were all together, that's what counts right? 

I took Andrew to the mall to get his first picture with Santa. He wasn't too interested, he mostly wanted to grab his beard, glasses and hat.

These are from Christmas morning at our house. Although he had a very concerned look on his face while opening presents, he really enjoyed it. He wanted to keep opening presents, he didn't really care what they were :)

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