Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Week 32

I've been waiting to blog until I had a new belly picture, but with all the home renovations going on, I haven't had a chance to take one. So, here's some pregnancy related updates for now:

At week 28, I had my glucose test, which is a test to check for gestational diabetes. I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't "pass", but thankfully eating low grains and sugar paid off and I passed the test. Everything else was great too.

I'm still feeling very lucky to have such an easy pregnancy (I hate saying it, I feel like I'll jinx myself) So far very few complaints, a bit of heartburn every now and then, not sleeping well, and just kind of tired most of the time.

We also started our Child Birth classes about 2 weeks ago. It'll be a total of 5 classes, about 2 hrs each. Tomorrow will be our third class. So far they have been kind of boring. I'm excited for the breastfeeding part of the class, the newborn care and the hospital tour.

I had another appt today and I still have only gained 7 lbs since I got pregnant, don't worry, the belly sure is getting bigger! I used to feel the baby move only before I went to bed, but now I'm starting to feel him move a little more through out the day, it's such a weird and amazing feeling :)

This past Saturday, my friends Candice and Christie hosted my baby shower. I don't have many friends, so it was just a few of us, I'm so glad I got to see my college girls again! So I may not have a belly picture, but here's a few baby shower photos:


Christina said...

Such great pictures! I am glad to hear your pregnancy is going well. Mine did too! :) Besides the minor complaints about heartburn and aches, I liked being pregnant hehe.

Anonymous said...

Q padre se ve q te organizaron tu baby ropita tendita en el lazo, jeje y q tomabas? se ve rico...q bien!!! felicidades...Soy Vale..

Candy Andy said...

Hooray for an awesome baby shower! Excellent foods, a sweet garland, and cute chicks.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

You look great. So happy to hear your pregnancy is going well.

Splendid Little Stars said...

aaww...Nancy, you look so happy!