Wednesday, October 06, 2010


My favorite month of the year! Our home renovations are finally over... At least for the most part, there still might be minor details that need to be done, but for now, we can say they're done! It was a very stressful experience (even tears of frustration were involved). We never thought it would take almost 7 weeks to complete.

When we finally decided on what colors to paint, we went with only 2 different ones for the whole place. Soothing Celadon by Behr for the kitchen, living room, both bathrooms and the baby room. And Antique White, also by Behr, for the dining room, hallway and our bedroom.

(Master bedroom bathroom, that was never in use before remodeling)

They also replaced, fixed, and removed little things through out the place, in addition to painting and remodeling the two bathrooms. We got our carpet from Lowe's. We chose a nylon frieze carpet, it's kind of shaggy, but so far we like it. We are really taking care of it this time, we pretty much vacuum every day haha.

We still have a few boxes of things we have listed on craigslist and other boxes that need to go up in the attic. I also finally sold my wedding dress! I couldn't believe it, I've had it on craigslist for years! One less thing taking up room in the closet and a bit of extra cash to buy baby things :)

I don't think I ever mentioned it on here, but a few months ago we also sold our second car. We are now a one car household. And since we are trying to make room for baby, we are now also a one desktop computer household, we just couldn't find a place for 2 desks in our small condo.

I would be freaking out about having only one computer at home, considering Mike works from home most of the time, but, I got an amazing early birthday present from my wonderful husband: a very cool smart phone! I'm so in love with it! It's a Samsung Galaxy S :)

(♥ My precious ♥)

Anyway, I'll be back soon with pregnancy and nursery updates, so stay tuned ;)

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